Can Gup Members Participate In The Moo Duk Kwan National Festival?

belts_1200x1200aIn 2013 the National Festival and Dan Leadership Convention became a Dan focused national event with only a handful of highly motivated Gups in attendance. The Gups who were present were there because they had worked hard and earned the opportunity to share that event with Dan members. Congratulations to those Gups for their initiative and strong leadership potential!

A number of questions have been asked about the National Festival and whether or not Gups will be able to participate and there are two possible answers to that question.

Can Gup Members Participate In The Moo Duk Kwan National Festival?

  1. The National Festival is a Dan focused leadership event. As such, some may perceive the answer as “No.”
  2. However, those Gup Members who are motivated enough to take action and bid for a destination and thus demonstrate their desire and leadership initiative by doing so will probably earn an opportunity to participate just as the motivated Gups have done in prior years. As such, those most likely to be future leaders will perceive the answer as, “If it is to be, it is up to me” and thus create their own “YES” where others only see “NO.” 

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you are a Gup member or you know a Gup Member who “says” they want to participate in the National Festival, only individual action can make it happen.

The Board has provided a fair and equitable mechanism by which all members who are SERIOUS about supporting or participating in the National Festival can do so; however, seizing that opportunity requires more than just lip service, it requires Action, Action, Action. Individual action.

Gups who have previously earned the opportunity to attend the National Festival and Dan Leadership Convention knew exactly what they needed to do in order to get what they wanted… and they got it through their individual action.

“Individual participation is the Key Energy necessary to strengthen our foundation.”
— H.C. Hwang, Kwan Jang Nim

Take action NOW!

Soo Bahk Do Institute

How To Get The National Festival In Your Region

To get the National Festival to come to your location, you will need to be a very active advocate of hosting the event in your preferred location. Will you be?

The most excited and motivated regional leaders and members will surely prevail in the new bidding process for selecting the National Festival location. Are you excited and willing to relentlessly promote interest and bidding participation by fellow members?

Regional Leaders, studio owners and local members will need to be excited about helping to host the event. Can you help assure that is the case?

istock_000004493185medium-c_2000x1450You need to ask all your friends and fellow members to support the location you prefer by casting their bids for your location.

Bids are the key to your preferred location being selected because each bid is a demonstration by the bidder of their tangible commitment and support for that event in that location.

Bids, bids, and more bids are the secret to winning.

Time's a wastin! Take action NOW! Bidding ends [fergcorp_cdt_single date=”12/31/2013″].

Board Approves Bidding Process To Determine National Festival Destination

Just as countries bid to host the Olympic Games, Federation members and supporters can now express member ownership of the National Festival and Dan Leadership Convention by bidding and pledging to determine the destination where it will be held.

Multiple 2014 National Festival online polls indicated by a very narrow margin that more respondents favored the 2014 National Festival being held in Region 2 than any other area. So based on those poll results north Jersey, New York or even Region 1 became potential locations where the 2014 Nationals could be held if “real” member support was confirmed via the Board's pilot bidding process.

The bidding process was adopted because history has taught us that noncommittal poll responses are seldom equivalent to actual registered participants when an event actually occurs even if the event is produced in accordance with poll outcomes. A more quantifiable means of determining in advance the degree of member support for an event destination was needed.

Enter the Board's pilot bidding process.

The Kwan Jang Nim's and TAC's re-inventing and resizing of the National Festival and national Dan Leadership Convention has created some exciting new opportunities for members who may have thought they could never host a National Event in their Region.

Now that has all changed.

Under the Board's pilot bidding process for event site selection, it is feasible that any region that can muster up 150 to 200 bids for their location may win the opportunity to host the National Festival and Dan Leadership Convention.

That's right. Only 150 to 200 bids could bring the National Festival to your back yard!

So what locations could reasonably recruit 150 to 200 bidders to support their location?

That depends.

It depends on how enthusiastic local leaders and members are when vying for the National Festival to come to their area. It depends on how effectively advocates of a particular location are in their outreach to potential bidders from their own region and other regions and how successful advocates are in convincing local and fly-in members to bid for their proposed location during the limited bidding timeframe.

Statistically, where might the most bids come in for the National Festival to be located?


Historically, the selection of a location for the National Championships has depended on a multitude of variables that have become increasingly difficult to reliably predict and as a result it is more challenging than even to plan to achieve an event's desired results, overall performance goals and financial outcome goals.

Some factors that figure into location selection for National Events include, but are not limited to;

  1. To what extent does an event support accomplishment of the Federation's mission,
  2. To what extent does an event contribute toward chartered purposes,
  3. How many members are likely to benefit from the event,
  4. Do local hosts, local leaders and local members support hosting the event,
  5. How many members are likely to fly-in for the event at the target location,
  6. How likely is it that anticipated local and fly-in support will be realized as registered participants at the event,
  7. Is an adequate facility available in the desired area,
  8. Are feasible dates available at the target facility,
  9. Is the facility suitable for the event,
  10. Is the facility affordable for the event,
  11. Is lodging available at the event site,
  12. Are air travel and ground travel convenient to the event site,
  13. etc.

The cost of producing National events has increased dramatically over the years and items 4, 5 and 6 have become increasingly important variables that must be estimated~projected when making planning decisions about an event location.

Local host support (#4) and an adequate quantity of local and fly-in registered participants (#5,6) are needed to plan for reasonable overall event performance including whether or not all costs of hosting it are likely to be recovered or whether or not the event is likely to consume more in funds than participation registrations are likely to generate.

The Board's pilot bidding process will seek to quantify member support – or the lack of it – in advance for event locations that may qualify to host the National Festival and Dan Leadership Convention.

When the bidding process launches very shortly, you will have less than 60 days to make sure your bidders support your preferred location.

So if you are a member that may have never thought the National Festival could come close to you, think again and get busy calling fellow members and getting your bidders lined up.

Take action NOW before bidding ends!