2015 National Festival Bidding Is Drawing To A Close
Have you expressed your support for a 2015 destination?

Region 1's proposed 2015 National Festival destination is leading the bidding totals with the Region 9 destination proposal running a close second.

2015 National Festival Bidding Is drawing to a close and less than 24 hours remain to select the 2015 National Festival destination and to decide whether or not Gup competition will be included in the 2015 agenda.

Members interested in the National Festival are encouraged to participate in the NO RISK bidding process and help Federation Officials provide the best possible event experience based on your input.

Bid For Region 1
Danvers Harbor, MA

Region 1 Danvers Harbor, Massachusetts

Bid For Region 9

Region 9 Disneyland, California


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Bidding opens Wednesday January 28th and runs til midnight February 28th

 Bid For Region 9

Region 9 Anaheim, California

Region 9 Anaheim, California

Bid For Region 1

Region 1 Danvers Harbor, Massachusetts

Region 1 Danvers Harbor, Massachusetts

The TAC and Board have empowered members to determine where and when the National Festival takes place AND whether or not Gup competition is included in the agenda by use of a bidding system similar to the way that countries bid to host the Olympic games.

Region 1 and Region 9 have submitted proposals to host the 2015 National Festival.

Bidding  opens Wednesday January 28th and runs til midnight February 28th at which time the winning region will be announced.

Here's the deal…

For A Region To Host The Dan Only Festival Requires: Minimum total bids and/or pledges >= $15,000 (and must exceed any competing destination total bids and pledges)  For example, 50 bidders bidding or pledging $300 each = $15,000.

To Include Gup Competition In The Agenda Requires: An additional minimum total GUP bids and/or pledges >= $15,000. For example, 100 Gups bidding or pledging $150 each = $15,000.

  • money-back-guaranteeThe bidding process has NO RISK for bidders
  • You can get a 100% refund at any time
  • All bids earn an additional 25% credit.
    • For example:
      • Bid $100 and you get $125 in credit
      • Bid $1000 and you get $1250 in credit
    • Even if the destination you bid for does not win or later on you decide not to attend, you can still use your bid and credit toward any other Federation events, memberships, products or services or get a 100% refund (less your 25% bonus credit)
  • You can pledge without cash, but you do not earn 25% additional credit

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 Bid For Region 9      Bid For Region 1

I Missed The Opportunity To Qualify To Attend The 2014 National Festival

Question: I am a Gup student and I missed the opportunity to bid or pledge for the National Festival and I am wondering if there is any way that I can still qualify to attend?

Answer: Yes, you still have another opportunity to attend the National Festival thanks to the leadership initiative of the members and supporters who demonstrated strong personal initiative and extended exceptional support for the 2014 National Festival Destination. (Listed below)

Each of them have been given five (5) invitations that they can give to whoever they want. Contact one of them listed below and perhaps you can still get an invitation to attend the Festival and that is all that's required for you to qualify to attend in 2014.

You are invited

(If you bid or pledged and your name is not listed, please email headquarters@soobahkdo.com )

Learn More:

2015 National Festival Destination Bidding Is Open


Where do you want the 2015 National Festival to be?

Regional Officials are invited to publish your proposed 2015 National Festival destination on your region's auction page on this site.

It is beneficial to provide relevant information that members can consider when making their decision about which 2015 National Festival destination to bid or pledge for.

Regional Officials in one region might even coordinate with other Regional Officials in a different region(s) by mutually agreeing upon a preferred destination and then advocating to members in each region to bid or pledge for the preferred destination – which could even be yet a different region.

For example, if officials from Region 1, Region 2 and Region 3 mutually agree that they all prefer the 2015 Festival destination to be near Orlando, Florida or Disney World or on a beach in South Carolina, then all might all work together to motivate enough members from each respective region to bid and pledge for the same destination in order to achieve the $15,000 minimum bidding threshold.

Bid Keys Show Online Bidding Or Auction

In 2014 Region 8 members demonstrated the grass roots power of members taking personal action when they won the destination hosting rights for the 2014 National Festival by a landslide.

This site provides each region with a dedicated page where a proposal for your region can be published or if your region is supporting a destination in another region, then your support of the other destination can be conveyed on your region's page on this site.

So be prepared and ready to demonstrate your member ownership in the Federation when the 2015 National Festival destination bidding process starts soon!

“Individual participation is the Key Energy necessary to strengthen our foundation.”
– H.C. Hwang, Kwan Jang Nim