A Gift Instructors Can Give Students

red-gift-box-gold-bowYour students and their parents may never see this gift coming until the opportunity to use it is upon them; much like the self defense training you provide your students. And this is the kind of gift that a student will never forget you giving to them; again, much like the Soo Bahk Do® training experience that you provide for them.

“What is this gift and how much does it cost,” you ask?

Well, first you need to know that only Gup members who have bid or pledged during the bidding process will be eligible to attend the National Festival. The National Festival  is a Dan leadership level event; HOWEVER, Gup members who are not yet Dans, but who take personal action to bid or pledge will earn their eligibility to attend via their action (even if they are unsure that they will be able to attend)…. those who take personal action are our art's future leaders. They are planning ahead, they envision the prize in the distance and they are already marching toward it.

But if your students or their parents should happen to get busy during this holiday season and forget to bid or pledge before bidding ends, then that opportunity will have passed them by and they may not even know it until the National Festival date draws near.

Distressed Girl Holding Her HeadFlash forward to a few weeks before the National Festival when everyone is getting excited to attend and THEN your Gups and their parents start asking you how they can attend the National Festival and the only answer you have for them is… “you can't” because you did not take action and “qualify to attend the event” by bidding or pledging during the bidding and pledging process.

Ohhhhhhh, the sea of sad faces you'll be looking at and the endless stream of reasons and excuses you'll be deluged with explaining why they did not participate in the “bidding process qualifying event.” Can you hear them now? They were never told about it, their computer got a virus, they had no internet, they forgot, they were on vacation, they were busy, they were sick, the dog chewed up their computer keyboard, soooooooooo surely an exception can be made for them due to their extenuating circumstances. Right???  As an instructor you have probably already heard some of these on the days that rank testing packets are due.


Wouldn't it be great if at that exact moment you could reach into your magic box of instructor tricks and pull out a set of tickets to the National Festival and tell them, “No problem, I took action and reserved a spot for you because I wanted you to have the experience of attending the National Festival.”

You would be their HERO even more than usual!

So what does it take for you to be able to pull off this super hero feat? It takes one simple personal action by you as their instructor before bidding closes.  No, you do not have to break bricks with your fist. 🙂

All you need to do is make a small bid or pledge on behalf of each gup student that you want to be eligible to attend the National Festival should they decide to do so later. When you bid or pledge on behalf of a Gup student just provide both their email address and their mobile phone# and then they will be eligible to attend the National Festival. But if they don't act and you don't act, then they can't.

Its not the amount of the bid or pledge that matters, its the personal action taken by someone who cares enough to take that personal action. THAT is what matters.

We will all be hearing the Kwan Jang Nim conveying a related message during his PVT II appearances.  He indicates that he will be speaking about “Personal Vision and personal action, especially in youth.”

In addition to being a gift instructors can give students, any fellow member could make a bid or pledge in the name of a Gup member to assure that Gup member is eligible to attend the National Festival.

In less than 30 seconds per student you can do a good deed and open up spots for deserving Gup students to attend the National Festival. Should they fail to act, then you have got their back.

Your personal action today may be a gift that an eager student will never forget tomorrow.

Click to Bid or Pledge before bidding closes!

Please take a moment to share this gift idea with your fellow instructors via email or social media post, etc.

Phil Duncan

Phil Duncan serves as the Executive Administrator of the U.S. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation® providing and coordinating support services for the U.S. Federation Board, the Kwan Jang Nim, the U.S. Technical Advisory Committee, U.S. Regional Officials, U.S. Members, the Board Directors of the charitable non-profit U.S. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan FOUNDATION and the World Moo Duk Kwan. He can be contacted at National Member Headquarters or philduncan@soobahkdo.com or (888) SOO-BAHK

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal."
Albert Pike

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